World Quality Forum

Event - 17 February 2023

Our first event which took place on 17 February 2023 in Gauteng, South Africa, and which was also an inaugural one for the Africa chapter, was a huge success. It attracted Senior leaders and seasoned experts in the field of Quality from South Africa, Lesotho, Eswatini and Ghana.

The delegates represented organizations from various sectors such as Energy; Heavy industrial Manufacturing; Food manufacturing; Chemicals; Agriculture; Medical and Clinical research services; Social services; Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics; Education; Courier, Transport, Warehousing and Logistics; Professional Services; Financial services.

The key speakers included the President of the Southern African Society for Quality, emeritus Prof Roy Ramphal, who enlightened the delegates on the work and role of the Southern African Society for Quality (SASQ).

Mr Ivan Radebe, Chairperson at  Moryoe Energy and Infrastructure, shared the perspective from top management on the matter of quality.

Mr Sipho Tjabadi, the Chair of World Quality Forum and author of “The Untold Co$t of Poor Quality”, facilitated discussion on:

  • The realities of poor quality,
  • The proposed programme of action to draw the attention of and to urge the world Society, its Governments and Industry to appreciate, increase their awareness of, prioritize and place quality at the forefront through increasing their respective levels of education on quality, and collaborating to improve the state of quality in the world.

Mr Tjabadi specifically also laid out the important role to be played by the Quality professionals and fraternity in this global effort. In this regard, Quality practitioners resolved to volunteer to lead and participate in Work Groups which will be established to tackle key challenges that need to be solved on the road towards improving the state of quality.

All are encouraged to volunteer and contribute towards this effort by registering to participate in the Work Groups of the World Quality Forum. The Work Groups will commence in South Africa and proceed to the rest of the world afterwards. Contact Us to find out more and how to participate.

The event also served as a platform to introduce the book, which can be viewed below.

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“What the world Society, Governments and Industry must do to stop the pain”


Some of the delegates in attendance

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